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October 12th, 2015
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Regal says she may be the WWE’s greatest female signee, which is mighty high praise. He introduces her as Kana, but when she steps out onto the stage, mask and all, the screen changes to present her as Asuka. She rips off her mask and excitedly makes her way to the ring.

Regal invites her to put pen to paper and make her signing official, but first invites her to say something to the NXT Universe. She says she’s happy to be here, setting off a “N-X-T” chant. She calls this moment a dream come true and stakes her claim on the NXT Women’s Championship. She then signs the contract, making it official!

As soon as that’s done, the ceremony is interrupted, Dana Brooke and Emma joining them in the ring. Regal warns them that this intrusion is incredibly rude, but Emma takes the microphone nonetheless. She greets Asuka and introduces herself and Dana in mocking fashion, calling them NXT’s welcoming committee.

Emma says they came out tonight to make sure she knows that they are in charge. Dana says they were the ones who ran Charlotte and Becky Lynch out of NXT, so they can end Asuka’s NXT run before it even starts. She dismisses Asuka, who leaves a little too easily.

She walk up the ramp slowly, but before she departs, she throws a menacing smile their way. Emma and Dana don’t like that one bit.

Credit: Diva-dirt

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