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December 16th, 2015
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Asuka makes her ring to the ring with a big pop (mainly me). Emma and Dana came in next. The match starts of with a good showcase of wrestling ability from both ladies until Emma takes control with many rest holds. Asuka fights of with her signatures of hip attack and her arsenal of kicks and punches. The ladies knocked the ref that’s when Dana threw in a belt for Emma to use while ref was down, Asuka took it out of Emma and the ref got up thinking Asuka was attempting to use the belt. Emma tries to take advantage, Asuka reversed into the AsukaLock tapping out but was interfered by Dana. Dana got kicked out by the ref also distracting Asuka, Emma quickly got up attempting to nail Asuka with the belt. Asuka quick reflexes turn back and gave Asuka a massive kick like she did last Wednesday picking up a massive win.



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After that match, before the match of Nia Jax Vs Bayley we see Nia being interview, asking her how she was gonna beat Bayley, or have she prepared, etc. She said same as any other women who steps in the ring with her… And at that very moment she said “excuse me? do we have a problem here?”and that’s when the camera revealed that it was no one other than Asuka deviously staring at Nia. both of them had a stare down showing signs of chemistry immediately. (Credit:

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